Social Responsibility

We regard the support and successful realization of professional, social and arts programs as of high importance. We also consider social, environmental and social sustainability aspects during our business activities and the contact with our clients and suppliers. We are driven by goodwill, intention to help, attention paid to others and the intention to establish social experiences in our professional, social and arts initiations.  The DBH Office Gallery is the arts supportive initiative of the DBH Group for young ambitious artists. By organizing exhibitions, the two Budapest centers of the DBH Group provide continuous opportunities for contemporary national artists, painters and sculptors to introduce themselves.



We ensure our clients the possibility to purchase the paintings shown during the series of exhibitions or even to rent them for a definite period of time. We pay attention to the details in our donations, as well. In 2012, we made use of the help of the children supported by the Real Pearl Foundation in the planning of the Christmas greeting cards, and the labels of wines and wrapping of chocolates to be given as presents.


We band together when needed. The DBH Group joined the third ‘Dress in Red’ action initiated by the Light of my Eyes Foundation. We helped seriously ill children and their families with money collecting action.


More colleagues of ours support Wonder Lamp Foundation by the transport of the offerings between our locations. And the small details which determine our lives: There are green plants in the offices of all of our colleagues and in the corridors. We provide fruit five days per week for our colleagues in order to protect their health and to make their week more colorful. During winter we regularly use volatile oil in our offices to improve our mood, release stress and develop creativity. We provide hand cream with fragrances in the restrooms during cold winter months so that our clients and customers can have an extra source of delight as a result of good fragrances and the attentive care of their hands. The first step of our environmental awareness was the introduction of recycling printing papers at the Serviced Office locations. Simultaneously, we also changed for two-page printing, and then we exchanged all our office equipment for products made of recycled materials. The next step was the introduction of selective waste collecting in our offices. We have our printing materials made in “green printing houses with an environmental friendly procedure. Our cleaning firms use exclusively biodegradable cleaning materials in our offices. Among our serviced office services we ensure in- office massages, sugar free 100 % fruit and vegetable juice orders with a weekly home-delivery service, dry-cleaning for our clients so that they can save money with fuel and time and thus we can also preserve our environment. We have introduced filtered drinking water in our offices and we serve small bottled mineral water during our programs. The mood of our offices is made more delightful by flower decorations suitable for the seasons and holidays placed on the reception desks.

At several locations of ours – where enough space is available – we provide X-BOX, which was happily accepted by our clients who like relaxed playing or just gaining inspiration during their work. We provide the renters of our meeting rooms with coffee breaks in which we intend to meet the different needs, habits, therefore we purchase honey from national producers and offer national home-made milk beside the coffee.